Friday, 15 June 2012

BBQ Chicken Summer Salad

Our new recipe we tried this week was a delicious BBQ summer salad.

We based it off of Iowa Girl Eats recipe here except we did some changes to suit our tastes.

After a quick trip to the grocery store for cilantro and plain yoghurt we were all set! We also needed to pick up a new sun hat for the little man - he tossed ours somewhere in Fredericton this week. I had a total blank out moment where I looked at him while we were walking and thought "How long had he not been wearing his hat....?". I retraced my steps through downtown but alas it is gone! Oh well out with the old and in with the new :)

Looking good baby!
We first BBQ'd some corn on the cob and chicken breast. Once done we shredded the chicken and mixed it with BBQ sauce in a bowl. We cut the corn off the cob and set aside.

I learned how to BBQ this week :) Loving it!

In a small bowl we combined plain Greek yoghurt and BBQ sauce. It is amazing and I think we would use it as a chip dip lol.

On top of a bed of brown rice (or quinoa) we spread the chicken and corn on and seasoned with fresh chopped cilantro and cherry tomatoes. Then drizzle some amazing sauce and enjoy!! We forgot the cheddar cheese but we both agree that it would be excellent!

It was light and fresh with great flavors. The BBQ flavours screamed summertime and it doesn't involve the oven so it won't heat up the house on a hot summer day. Overall we loved it and I hope you will too!

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