Saturday, 9 June 2012

Baby is a finger foodie!

Today we introduced a new food and a new way to eat his food.

The new food was a teething biscuit that I found in the organic section at Superstore by his brown rice cereal. It is a maple ginger infant biscuit. Soy-free and egg-free it isn't without flavour. I have been on the hunt for a good one that doesn't crumble or sog easily and this is it!

Our new style of eating is finger food style. Jack is a texture snob this far in his experience. So we started him off on his hands down favourite food - Avacado! He mastered it right away and enjoyed several soft pieces.

He was so curious and skeptical at first
(Blogger wouldn't upload my video at the moment so I will post another blog soon with the one minute video clip of his mad eating skills :)!)

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