Monday, 18 June 2012

Doing some Assisted Walking!

Scott and I witnessed this little piece of magic on Sunday. (Thank goodness for iPhones close by!)
Jacks unexpected present to his Daddy on Fathers Day?

Just going to go for a walk, no big deal. :) Haha hardly! We were so excited we could barely contain ourselves. It is so exciting watching Jack grow and learn.


  1. he certainly caught on to that pretty fast... geesh.. won't be long... won't be long.

  2. I am sure he is saying......
    what a crazy place to put a WALL!!!!!
    Really....what were they thinking when they built this place????!!!!!!!
    Next week he will be the busy stage really begins!!! You will need those eyes in the back of your head.....that all Mom's are born with! Enjoy.

  3. Great Nana Dawn18 June 2012 at 19:21

    That's priceless! He is certainly anxious to get moving. We remember when Scott pushed our small table from one end of our deck to the other - seem like yesterday.