Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Super Jack 2.0 - the shopping cart cover

If you don't watch Sesame Street religiously like me and Jack you won't find that title all too funny. Super Grover 2.0 is the "upgraded" superhero Grover (a muppet on Sesame Street) from his original form. He's got a flashy costume, superhero tools and solves problems with a keen knowledge of science, technology and mathematics. For more on our furry loveable pal Super Grover 2.0 click here.

Super Grover 2.0 - Just as furry and loveable. :)

While Jack may not be a super hero like Grover, he is going through some upgrades himself! This week I'll feature a blog everyday about one of Jack's upgrades. Now that he is 6 months old, 20 pounds and quite tall for his age his world is changing.  Being even more capable, adventurous and fun-loving than before this little guy is enjoying his upgraded status of Super Jack 2.0.

We went out on a mission to find a solution for grocery shopping. As you may or may not know carting around a big infant carseat in your shopping cart is not convenient and easy.  In fact it feels like the opposite. It is big, HEAVY, takes up the whole top level of your cart and doesn't provide your curious baby with much of a view. We do enjoy baby wearing but not necessarily while shopping as little grabby hands can get into a big mess quick.

Introducing the shopping cart cover!

We found ours at Room2Remember Kidz.  I find their knowledge and customer service to be superior to any other place in town when it comes to baby items. They are very sweet and while some of their items run a high price tag the quality is there. We have bought several things from their shop and LOVE it.  Our experience with this purchase was the same. There were two Itzy Ritzy - Ritzy Sitzy Covers left as they aren't buying from this company any longer and switching to another. We lucked out and got it 1/2 price at $34.99! (Good thing too because these covers can run anywhere between $30-$90... not something we're interesting in sinking a ton of money into) Of course they are available online too - check them out here. You can also find a great deal of covers available on Etsy (adorable prints) for more reasonable pricing and supporting handmade items.

Right after we bought our Ritzy Sitzy I decided now was as good a time as any to try it out and make sure we liked it. If not I was heading right back to the store to return it and resume my hunt for a shopping solution.

How did we make out?

So good :). 

It was VERY easy to put on the cart, although the Superstore shopping carts are not the norm. Obviously the little carts don't hold a child (not so obvious to me until I tried.. yeesh no leg holes is a big problem) so your only option is the big cart. The leg spacing is a little awkward but we made it work. 

Jack really enjoyed being able to look at everything (and flirt with EVERYONE) and watch me. It was more fun for me as well because it was much easier to interact with Jack while shopping. We had a lot of fun and laughs.


  1. This child is adorable. If I met him in a grocery store, I wouldn't get any shopping done. You might even be concerned I'd follow you home. Great stories/photos as usual Michelle. Thanks.. Love Auntie Kelly.xo

  2. goof ball, Jack! Love you my big boy!!

    love Grammie