Monday, 7 May 2012

Sunday Family Fun!

Nana took a great family photo of us last weekend! Had to share!

We love our weekends together!

Jack meets the Roomba!
Today we headed out for a long walk in the beautiful sunshine on the walking trail. It was extra long because we forgot a soother and mister cranky pants didn't want to be in the stroller. He found his thumb eventually and peace was restored!

Jack and Daddy soaking in some Star Trek.

After a quick lunch for us all (Jack adored Sweet potato round two) We headed up to CrappyTire to pick out a gazebo for our deck. We cannot wait to spend a lot of time this summer on our big sunny deck. But to be sure we could stand the heat we got something to provide shade.

TV babysitter in action while Daddy and Momma put together the top part of the Gazebo.

Nearly there!

Ta da!

In two weekends we're going to get planting some flowers and get out veggies ready for growing! I'm do excited to have a full sun garden - its going to be beautiful!

Until then we'll just enjoy the weather!

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  1. You are planting a garden.. how fun! Love the gazebo.