Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Shed is up! (Again)

Oh me oh my the shed is up again!

Scott and Dad constructed this shed in the garage in Greenwood several years ago and since then it has been put up and taken down in several homes we've had.

Skinny Sirius and the shed in Dartmouth.

Scotty doing some disassembling in Dartmouth of the shed. 

Shed going up on Tilley Drive

So finally we had a nice weekend to get the shed up and Dad was up to lend a helping hand. The boys spent the afternoon getting eaten by bugs and roasting in the beautiful sunshine we're having. Oh yeah and putting up the shed.

Ta da!

Okay, so our shed is a weeny weeny one compared to our landlords shed. 

After a long day in the sunshine everyone needs a good snooze!

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  1. a snoring snooze... don't forget! I am not the only one who snores!