Saturday, 26 May 2012

Moxon's Country Pumpkin Adventure

Jack and I headed out while Daddy had an important conference call for the morning. We had a couple things to do and thankfully it turned out to be a beautiful morning!

First on our agenda was to find a home in Sheffield down the 105 past Maugerville to pick up some bumper pads for Jacks crib. Before you gasp in horror - don't! Jack hasn't had bumper pads before but now that he is mobile in his crib he needs something  to save him from danger.

 Since he now has the duty of getting himself to sleep in his crib he gets pretty wild. Mostly the danger lies in him banging his head while rolling and getting his arms/legs stuck.

After on our way back from Sheffield we stopped in at Moxon's Country Pumpkin. Its a lovely bakery and park/petting zoo!

We picked up some yummy yummy yummy cookies and brown rolls. They were amazing and its a good thing that we don't live any closer. 

Then we headed outside and enjoyed watching some really cute animals including a very portly pot bellied pig!

Jack enjoyed watching the funny goats playing while they eat. Since there was scorching sunshine Jack stayed in his stroller and enjoyed the show from there. 

We had a blast there and we need to head back again soon with Daddy to show him that cutie pig!
(And of course get some more delicious food!)

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