Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mail call!

Jack is SO loved. And Spoiled. Fortunately for him this often comes in the form of lovely packages.

We received an ADORABLE book from his Auntie Ashley to celebrate his 1/2 birthday.

Cutie card that had a wiggly caterpillar - Jack loved playing with it.

Jack really gets into a good book!

We are BIG Seuss fans - and if you remember (if not, check here) Jack's baby shower featured some really adorable baby Seuss things. So this book was a really fun addition to our book collection.

Notice the really fun fish at the top - Jacks favourite feature!

1 comment:

  1. yummy book I see.... wait til he will count those fishes... and pick out the colours... "Where's the blue fish?"... oh I can't wait to read that book to him!!!
    Ah, Ashley.. perfect gift..