Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lucy Maud Matheson: Pooch with a lot of love!

It's been 3 years (tomorrow) since this lovely little lady came into our lives and stole our hearts.

While looking through my iPhoto I came across some photos of Lucy we received through Kijiji before we met her.

Lucy (formally Satan/Dakota) lived in a less than ideal home who was looking for someone to adopt her. It was love at first sight and we scooped her up 15 minutes after meeting and she came home with us.
Since then she has transformed into a confident, sweet, loving pooch! She tries very hard to be obedient and has improved 10x since she's become a part of our family. She has continued to wow us her progress but not as much as when we brought home Jack and she fell in love.

Now a bunch of pictures of her being a sweetheart big sister. (Just FYI I have about a million of them so I selected just a few!)

I can't wait for you to get here baby! But for now we'll just snuggle.

We love to sleep together on the big bed...

... or together on the couch!

We love going for walks every day with Momma!

And we LOVE having a good chew while relaxing on the carpet!
 She loves Jack more than we could have hoped and is so patient with him even during his more grabby moments.

Above all she's healthier and happier to just be loved. There's nothing like poochy love!
Remember there are tons of adult dogs who are in need of loving families. Adopt whenever possible an give a pet a second chance for a happy life!

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  1. She really was fat, wasn't she. She has slimmed down a lot since we met her, but its been so gradual that I forgot how tubby she was! She is a very lucky girl to have you guys for her family.