Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Knit Elephunt Sweater - So adorable!

Getting dressed this morning - so darn cute I had to snap a pic. 

Jack is sporting his awesome sweater "Elephunt" knit by his Auntie Steph!

Happy boy ready to head out for his morning jog!

 It finally is the perfect size for him and the mornings are just chilly enough on our walks for a cutie cardigan.

Incredible marching elephants... I do NOT have that kind of knitting patience to do such ornate colour work! 

We love love love it! Is it just me or does this guy pull off the splash of pink and yellow perfectly?

Tough guys wear pink.

You beta believe it baby!


  1. He looks so dashing in that sweater! I still have to make myself one...

  2. It is GORGEOUS!!! Nice job Steph and nice job Mick on the great pictures! (Sandra)

  3. It truly is adorable. The picture of him in his car seat makes me think he is getting all dressed up to go to school... adorable! Great job Auntie Steph...

  4. Getting my daily "Jack" fix and what a treat!! Beautiful beautiful sweater Stephanie - I'm with Michelle on the "I'd never attempt colour work like that. Ever!" I realize he has his grumpus moments.. but boy the joyful expressions and facial pulls make me smile some I tell you. Thanks for being so dedicated to keeping us up-to-date Michelle. Love Auntie Kelly xx