Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Jack Crawl 2k12: Sitting up!

Cheese! I swear he's got the iPhone figured out - he puts on his big Elmo grin whenever I hold it up!

Well this isn't exactly breaking news as he has been sitting up on his own for a while. BUT just this weekend he manoeuvred himself into a sitting up position from his belly!

He's only done it a few times so it was tricky to video him doing it. But I do have some photos of him doing it stage by stage!

A little blurry as this man can really move when he chooses!

Ah, success!

We're so proud of our little man - he really enjoys his freedom to be laying down or sitting up at his connivence. It is a whole new world for him being able to play with toys while sitting up and of course all the better to see Elmo :). 

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