Thursday, 24 May 2012

Jack Crawl 2k12: Mission Accomplished!

Well the Jack Crawl 2k12 is officially over because our little man achieved full crawl status this afternoon!! We are so excited and proud (and a little wary of him being mobile!) of our little man. It has been a long time coming and he has worked every day on it. Success!

Would you believe I got the moment he crawled on video?!?

As luck would have it I was trying to get a shot of him going from plank to sitting. Little guy had bigger plans! It turns out that the TV remote is the best motivator around!

You can not underestimate how funny it is watching people fall.

Well okay - actually "The Motivator" is the best motivator around. (for non-Wipe Out enthusiasts I've included this picture and link to the Motivator in action!)

Without further adieu here is the big moment caught on film :)!!!

(Don't mind Elmo making thinking noises in the background - it was 4:00 aka Elmo's World o'clock. )


  1. AWsome! Way to go Jack!! Sunglasses or paper was Thomas' motivator... whatever works right? lol

  2. typical of a man.. made the big move... to get the TV remote! baaaahaaaaa

  3. Amazing! Way to go Jack! (typical male...going for the remote!) ugh!