Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jack and Momma's Rainy Day Adventure!

{Oops! This posted before I was finished writing! Sorry for the mix up!}

Jack and I spent the afternoon at the mall while Daddy was in conference calls all afternoon for work.  Since we are on a one level home now the sound travels like Whoa and apparently not everyone loves baby screams (who knew?).
Oh me oh my! Cutie Pootie Suits - Jack has two weddings and a baptism this summer. Looks as though we have a lot of spiffy options :)!
Jack and I walked around the mall and enjoyed window shopping. We were also on a mission to find a nice pair of capris and jeans for Momma that fit right. In a post-pregnancy world that is a challenging mission! I have been surviving on maternity pants that are bag sagging off me (yikes!) and cheapo jeans from Walmart until I was ready for good jeans.  Well that day has come :) I"m back to my pre-pregnancy weight and so I've given myself the green light to spend more than $15 on pants.

 In the "9 Months 9 MOnths off" plan I created for myself to get back into shape (or better shape than before) I am in the last instalment of exercising. In the first three months it was yoga yoga yoga and more yoga. Gotta build up that core strength! Then from 3-6 months postpartum it was walk walk walk walk walk. Now in the 6-9 months it is walk run yoga and some biking! I'm really enjoying leading a more active lifestyle than before and putting in 32kms+ a week of movement is really making a big difference.

We found a great pair of pants and Momma is super happy!

I love reading! I enjoy chewing books more but Momma was very strict with me so I saved that behaviour for my home books!
Then we spent the rest of the afternoon in Chapters reading books and enjoying all the toys!

Books Books Books, we will come back soon!

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