Thursday, 31 May 2012

High Chair Revamp!

Finally the chair is complete!

I"m ashamed at how long it took me to finish sewing this as I wanted to have it done months ago!
I'm extremely pleased with how it turns out for two reasons. I haven't sewn since before Jack was born and I didn't have any pattern or tutorial for this style of high chair.
(This is the before!)
One new skill I was able to explore was using bias to finish all the edges. I must say that it is my new favourite thing! It came together easily and has a lovely finish.

Goodbye old stinky cover!
I'm really happy to have a seat cover now that I can throw in the washing machine and doesn't make our little guy sweat and stick to it in hot weather. While it was very worn, I loved the pattern of the cover. I'm really pleased with the combination of wild colours and prints for his new chair though. 

Out with the old and in with the new!


  1. The new cover looks amazing the colours and the prints of the fabric. You will SO appreciate being able to throw this into the washing machine....especially as Jack is exploring new foods!
    Great job Michelle!!

  2. WOW! Looks fabulous! Love the print and colours of the fabric!! So talented!