Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday Photo Recap!

Some of these I shared on Facebook, some I just haven't been able to squeeze into a blog! I hope that everyone has a fabulous long weekend!

Scotty made the most amazing panini sandwiches this week!
Looking for a great dinner? Steak buns, chicken breast, green onions and cheddar cheese "paninied". SO fabulous!

For those who haven't seen Jack's new hairline look closely!! He really IS growing some hair. Its just very faint haha.

Having an absolute blast at Home Depot.

Such a beautiful sunny day to enjoy walking along the river compared to the 4 rainy morning walks we had this week. 

Little Lady Lucy all groomed and ready for summer weather! 

Jack is ultimately reclined in the stroller. I found the proper clips to put the stroller fully reclined. He loved it and had an awesome power snooze!

 I apologize if I miss a day of blogging (Eep I haven't since March) but Grammie and Grandpie are coming up and we have lots of plans. We will take lots of pics though and post when possible!
Happy May long weekend everyone.

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