Saturday, 5 May 2012

Food Glorious Food: Vegetable Purees!

Today is Jack's 1/2 birthday! 6 months ago today our happy boy came into the world - so amazing.

(And for 1 year ago this is what Jack looked like growing as a baby bump!)

Baby bump last May!

The doctor gave Jack the OK to start solid foods despite his seizure on Wednesday because his tests came back all clear. We are so relieved everything is alright with Jack and really appreciate all the love and support we received over the last few days! Thankyou everyone.

We celebrated today by hitting up the market, groceries, mall shopping and having a little party during lunch. We donned our party hats, whipped up some lunch for everyone INCLUDING Jack.

Jack had a blast with his hat and sweet potato puree. 

Enjoy all the snaps!

Happy 1/2 birthday to me!
Yummy owl bowl with some pureed sweet potato Daddy made me!  
First bite - I can do it myself momma!

... okay so I need a little help aiming!

FaceTiming with Grandpie while he's gardening in Greenwood showing him my messy meal!

It's so good I don't wanna waste any on my bib!

So much energy after my meal I nearly crawled - but not quite!

I love sweet potato!


  1. You LOVED sweet potato too. You loved all veggies, and fruit.. but was very iffy on the meats I made. I ended up having to add apple sauce or banana to the meats to get you to eat them...
    Jack finally gets to have something off a spoon that is yummy... Happy 1/2 birthday Jackapoo

  2. Oh, that is so darling. How cute that he is licking his bib. tee hee. Happy half birthday!!

  3. Goodness gracious…Jack is one gorgeous, happy baby!!! These pictures are adorable!!!
    My babies LOVED sweet potato too! almost as much as they loved rice cereal! They HATED peas! (but then again I do too!)