Thursday, 24 May 2012

Food Glorious Food: The Meshy Feeding Tool

Beware... this is a little messy and if you have a weak stomach for goobery babies I warn you that you may not to go any further. But then again he is super cute so you might as well! 

Now this is a great feeding tool! It is a little handle, with a ring and a mesh bag. You screw the ring off to access the opening of the mesh bag and shove in some soft food. Then the baby chomps on it and pushes the soft food through the mesh creating their own puree but being able to feed themselves and chew.
If ever there was a more appropriate picture to be called "Nomnomnomnom"!
Jack LOVED being able to feed himself and not have to deal with a spoon. It is certainly his favourite mode of feeding with a bite off a spoon inbetween every couple chomps. Jack isn't a huge fan of us feeding him, he wants to feed himself. He'll take the spoon and put it in his mouth with food on it but when we try he pulls away. What a goober... he is certainly independent and keeping us on our toes!

Grandpie snapped all these pics on his iPod, Jack was being photographed from all angles trying this out!

It is a little messy, but his eyes light up when we bring it over to him. I actually picked up another two at Superstore for $8.49 by Nuub. They are slightly different but the same concept. They have a big hand hold instead of a loop so Jack is learning how to hold them. We now put avocado in one, banana in the other and let him go to town. While he's busy chomping and eating we try to sneak a couple spoon bites of something new. 

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