Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Food Glorious Food: Likes and Dislikes

Well it has been nearly a month of solid foods. 

Loving all of our foodie dishes and the Lawn. 

We are loving meal times now that Jack has accepted eating from a spoon. It took him a solid three weeks to stop clenching his mouth shut and swinging his face back and forth. This kid has determination - oh me oh my. 

To help him adjust to flavours and foods we used the meshy feeder for one item at each meal. He loved it! Now that it is hot we have frozen some slices of banana and avocado and this baby boy LOVES it.

Chopped banana and avacado for easy grab!

So far Jack loves 

Things Jack can take or leave
Butternut squash

Things Jack will need to revisit because he doesn't love now
Sweet potato

Next up to Try:

Frozen is the best!

Stay tuned for the new highchair cover - it should be done within a couple days :)!

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