Monday, 28 May 2012

Finally Fully Unpacked - Smells Wonderful!

We finally unpacked our last box this weekend. It's such a lovely feeling to have everything where it should be and no more boxes hanging around.

Delicious smelling box to unpack!
One of the wonderful things about unpacking is seeing things we haven't used or thought of in months! Remember of course that we started packing in February!

Cutie cupcake countertop version for our kitchen!
We opened up a box of Scentsy things that we were given as a christmas gift by Grammie but weren't able to get in use before we started packing.

Really great plug in version for our bathroom/laundry room/litter box.
You can imagine that with a house full of pets and a rootie-tootie-stinky-baby-booty we are in need of some scent therapy from time to time. 

We have the most amazing scents to choose from it was very hard to choose!

Cinnamon Vanilla, Skinny Dippin', Eskimo Kiss, Pima Cotton and Happy Birthday.
Right now we are enjoying "Happy Birthday" in the kitchen Cupcake and "Pima Cotton" in the laundry room.

Do you use Scentsy at home? What are your favourite scents?


  1. where do you get scentsy? ive heard its good...with our house on the market it would be nice to have a little scent in the house escpecially with a litter box. Is it expensive? maybe you don't know where or how much since they were a gift but thought i'd ask :) ps love following your blog and seeing how big jack is getting

    1. I'm so glad you love following my blog :)! Facebook has blocked Blogger links now so you'll have to bookmark it and check back often! The Scentsy was a gift but I think my mom bought it at a party - like how they do Tupperware or Pampered Chef parties. I will ask her though because it was in the Greenwood Kingston area so she may know who the seller was! Goodluck with selling your house, are you moving to a new one?

    2. hey, what we hope to do is sell and build! which is exciting since nick can do alot of it himself and save on labour. If it does not sell not a big deal we will just continue with renovations over the years :P next time your home would love to see you and jack:) if your up to it. look forward to more blogs!

  2. My favourite scent is Blueberry Cheesecake! Smells sooooo yummy! I'm obsessed with Scentsy products!!!