Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Afternoon Project: Deck modification

I swear this week I will post photos of our home! I have put it off too long and kept waiting until we had everything set but it turned our taking much longer than we thought to get settled. Be patient a few more days!
This little doggy loves to lay out and enjoy some shade and a breeze!
Until then enjoy our deck modification that Scott put together today in the hot hot sunshine.

Originally we purchased a baby gate intended for the top of our stairs. However it was not wide enough (turns out our stairwell is 46" wide - yikes!) so we have repurposed it rather than returning it.

This way we can go out on the deck with Lucy and she doesn't need to be tied up. Eventually when Jack is more mobile it will also keep him safe.

As an added bonus it goes really well with our deck!

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