Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jack and Momma's Rainy Day Adventure!

{Oops! This posted before I was finished writing! Sorry for the mix up!}

Jack and I spent the afternoon at the mall while Daddy was in conference calls all afternoon for work.  Since we are on a one level home now the sound travels like Whoa and apparently not everyone loves baby screams (who knew?).
Oh me oh my! Cutie Pootie Suits - Jack has two weddings and a baptism this summer. Looks as though we have a lot of spiffy options :)!
Jack and I walked around the mall and enjoyed window shopping. We were also on a mission to find a nice pair of capris and jeans for Momma that fit right. In a post-pregnancy world that is a challenging mission! I have been surviving on maternity pants that are bag sagging off me (yikes!) and cheapo jeans from Walmart until I was ready for good jeans.  Well that day has come :) I"m back to my pre-pregnancy weight and so I've given myself the green light to spend more than $15 on pants.

 In the "9 Months 9 MOnths off" plan I created for myself to get back into shape (or better shape than before) I am in the last instalment of exercising. In the first three months it was yoga yoga yoga and more yoga. Gotta build up that core strength! Then from 3-6 months postpartum it was walk walk walk walk walk. Now in the 6-9 months it is walk run yoga and some biking! I'm really enjoying leading a more active lifestyle than before and putting in 32kms+ a week of movement is really making a big difference.

We found a great pair of pants and Momma is super happy!

I love reading! I enjoy chewing books more but Momma was very strict with me so I saved that behaviour for my home books!
Then we spent the rest of the afternoon in Chapters reading books and enjoying all the toys!

Books Books Books, we will come back soon!

High Chair Revamp!

Finally the chair is complete!

I"m ashamed at how long it took me to finish sewing this as I wanted to have it done months ago!
I'm extremely pleased with how it turns out for two reasons. I haven't sewn since before Jack was born and I didn't have any pattern or tutorial for this style of high chair.
(This is the before!)
One new skill I was able to explore was using bias to finish all the edges. I must say that it is my new favourite thing! It came together easily and has a lovely finish.

Goodbye old stinky cover!
I'm really happy to have a seat cover now that I can throw in the washing machine and doesn't make our little guy sweat and stick to it in hot weather. While it was very worn, I loved the pattern of the cover. I'm really pleased with the combination of wild colours and prints for his new chair though. 

Out with the old and in with the new!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lucy Maud Matheson: Pooch with a lot of love!

It's been 3 years (tomorrow) since this lovely little lady came into our lives and stole our hearts.

While looking through my iPhoto I came across some photos of Lucy we received through Kijiji before we met her.

Lucy (formally Satan/Dakota) lived in a less than ideal home who was looking for someone to adopt her. It was love at first sight and we scooped her up 15 minutes after meeting and she came home with us.
Since then she has transformed into a confident, sweet, loving pooch! She tries very hard to be obedient and has improved 10x since she's become a part of our family. She has continued to wow us her progress but not as much as when we brought home Jack and she fell in love.

Now a bunch of pictures of her being a sweetheart big sister. (Just FYI I have about a million of them so I selected just a few!)

I can't wait for you to get here baby! But for now we'll just snuggle.

We love to sleep together on the big bed...

... or together on the couch!

We love going for walks every day with Momma!

And we LOVE having a good chew while relaxing on the carpet!
 She loves Jack more than we could have hoped and is so patient with him even during his more grabby moments.

Above all she's healthier and happier to just be loved. There's nothing like poochy love!
Remember there are tons of adult dogs who are in need of loving families. Adopt whenever possible an give a pet a second chance for a happy life!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Food Glorious Food: Likes and Dislikes

Well it has been nearly a month of solid foods. 

Loving all of our foodie dishes and the Lawn. 

We are loving meal times now that Jack has accepted eating from a spoon. It took him a solid three weeks to stop clenching his mouth shut and swinging his face back and forth. This kid has determination - oh me oh my. 

To help him adjust to flavours and foods we used the meshy feeder for one item at each meal. He loved it! Now that it is hot we have frozen some slices of banana and avocado and this baby boy LOVES it.

Chopped banana and avacado for easy grab!

So far Jack loves 

Things Jack can take or leave
Butternut squash

Things Jack will need to revisit because he doesn't love now
Sweet potato

Next up to Try:

Frozen is the best!

Stay tuned for the new highchair cover - it should be done within a couple days :)!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Finally Fully Unpacked - Smells Wonderful!

We finally unpacked our last box this weekend. It's such a lovely feeling to have everything where it should be and no more boxes hanging around.

Delicious smelling box to unpack!
One of the wonderful things about unpacking is seeing things we haven't used or thought of in months! Remember of course that we started packing in February!

Cutie cupcake countertop version for our kitchen!
We opened up a box of Scentsy things that we were given as a christmas gift by Grammie but weren't able to get in use before we started packing.

Really great plug in version for our bathroom/laundry room/litter box.
You can imagine that with a house full of pets and a rootie-tootie-stinky-baby-booty we are in need of some scent therapy from time to time. 

We have the most amazing scents to choose from it was very hard to choose!

Cinnamon Vanilla, Skinny Dippin', Eskimo Kiss, Pima Cotton and Happy Birthday.
Right now we are enjoying "Happy Birthday" in the kitchen Cupcake and "Pima Cotton" in the laundry room.

Do you use Scentsy at home? What are your favourite scents?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Afternoon Project: Deck modification

I swear this week I will post photos of our home! I have put it off too long and kept waiting until we had everything set but it turned our taking much longer than we thought to get settled. Be patient a few more days!
This little doggy loves to lay out and enjoy some shade and a breeze!
Until then enjoy our deck modification that Scott put together today in the hot hot sunshine.

Originally we purchased a baby gate intended for the top of our stairs. However it was not wide enough (turns out our stairwell is 46" wide - yikes!) so we have repurposed it rather than returning it.

This way we can go out on the deck with Lucy and she doesn't need to be tied up. Eventually when Jack is more mobile it will also keep him safe.

As an added bonus it goes really well with our deck!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Moxon's Country Pumpkin Adventure

Jack and I headed out while Daddy had an important conference call for the morning. We had a couple things to do and thankfully it turned out to be a beautiful morning!

First on our agenda was to find a home in Sheffield down the 105 past Maugerville to pick up some bumper pads for Jacks crib. Before you gasp in horror - don't! Jack hasn't had bumper pads before but now that he is mobile in his crib he needs something  to save him from danger.

 Since he now has the duty of getting himself to sleep in his crib he gets pretty wild. Mostly the danger lies in him banging his head while rolling and getting his arms/legs stuck.

After on our way back from Sheffield we stopped in at Moxon's Country Pumpkin. Its a lovely bakery and park/petting zoo!

We picked up some yummy yummy yummy cookies and brown rolls. They were amazing and its a good thing that we don't live any closer. 

Then we headed outside and enjoyed watching some really cute animals including a very portly pot bellied pig!

Jack enjoyed watching the funny goats playing while they eat. Since there was scorching sunshine Jack stayed in his stroller and enjoyed the show from there. 

We had a blast there and we need to head back again soon with Daddy to show him that cutie pig!
(And of course get some more delicious food!)

Friday, 25 May 2012

Super Jack 2.0 - The sleeping

I've had no blog to stick this one into yet so it is going to be here out of place in a blog about sleeping haha! I just had to share their similar smile as they battle over the placemat. 
Well now that our little man is over 6 months old we're more inclined to focus his sleep patterns.  His sleeping through the night went seriously downhill at about 3 months old and just never improved since then.  Through reading a lot we've heard that a sleep regression at the age is very common although it doesn't make it any better to live through.

If I were to include appropriate pictures for this blog subject there would be ultimately depressing. It would either be a crying baby or a crying Momma as we figured out our sleeping patterns. Instead I'm sharing Jack sleeping all over the place! This one is in the car - we had to prop him up so he wouldn't kink his neck!
Now that we are finished moving/packing/unpacking we have the energy to do some sleep training with Jack. Our big boy is experiencing a sleep upgrade - less feedings, him fallings asleep without assistance and lengthening out his sleep cycles.  This was honestly one of the hardest things for us so far as parents. It really relied on us being strong while Jack wasn't always cooperative because he certainly doesn't know what is best for him.

Sleeping at Grammie Auntie Gails house during dinner time.
We weren't comfortable with "cold-turkey" crying out method so fortunately the book (What to Expect When Expecting) had an excellent suggestion called "Ferberizing". It works like this: "The first night, put your baby down awake, provide comfort and then leave the room. Don't stay with the baby long enough for them to fall asleep and do not pick them up. If the baby begins to cry, as they almost certainly will, let the baby cry for 5 minutes then go back in and reassure. Reset the clock and repeat until the baby has gone to sleep. Over a period of time extend the amount of time the baby is alone"(paraphrased from our book, they kinda drag on!)

Rainy day nap in the stroller. Jack stayed nice and dry in the BOB all snuggled up with his teddybear fur blanket. Momma and Lucy were not as lucky... the car is just recovering now from the wet-dog stink. 
Scott and I used the baby monitor on low to monitor his crying, a kitchen timer and team effort to take turns going in to soothe him. Within 20 minutes he fell asleep on his own and so it began. For each nap and night sleep we did the same.

You can't tell in this picture, but he is snoring. It was priceless. 

It has been 1.5 weeks and Jack is now falling asleep within 10 minutes on his own with little encouragement from us in-between.  He's sleeping almost all the way through the night with a wakeup sometime around 6 for a feeding and up at 7:30 for the day.  We are SO proud of everyone's hard work, and all three of us are more rested for it.

Looking more like Daddy each day!
Certainly the most tricky upgrade we've attempted yet, but it is all part of Jack becoming a big boy :). We are pleased with of ourselves for sticking it out and seeing success!