Sunday, 1 April 2012

Using the 2 Diaper bag system - for TWO Babies!

Hahah, no just kidding. 

April fools :) 

(No we're really not having another baby - but that is a great April fool's joke. Hee hee) 

But I seriously do have two diaper bags.  I've been working this system for about a week and it is really the way to go for moms that head out often into the world with their little bundle.

I first heard of the idea eaves dropping in line at the grocery store and I thought "What a nutter. Two Bags?!" and then it came up again on a New Mom, New Babies podcast called Mommies on the Go. The theory is that you have one big bag that is well stocked with a few shirts, pants, bibs, blankets, diapers, wipes and other essential items to your child's needs like teething rings or soothers. Then to have a second smaller bag that has just the bare minimum.

The little bag. Even though it doesn't look it - it does zip shut easily. 
 In mine I have a bib, thin receiving blanket, change pad, diaper and pack of wipes. I recently added a soother too but Jack is still having his soother aversion so it hasn't been used.

Take along little bag inside - looking fab! Thankyou Winners for this great $14 find.

My little bag is the take along bag my Aunt Gail sewed for Jack and it bounces back and forth from my purse (fits perfectly without making the bag look over stuffed) and the actual diaper bag.

When we go on our morning walks it is MUCH easier to take the diaper bag because it holds treats for Lucy, water bottle, extra hat and mittens for me etc. But when we go into the grocery store or a quick trip into a shop its much easier to just bring my purse rather than the mother load diaper bag.

This is a fabulous diaper bag (Sears - Thanks Chantal for the gift card!) with enough pockets and pouches without being like luggage!

My big bag stays in the car for the most part unless I need to stock up the supplies or wash used diapers. I highly recommend this system - it is a fool proof way to have the right sized bag and always have the right supplies.


  1. thats a great system. Love it!

  2. Absolutely LOVE the take along bag - it is fabulous for this!