Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Scotty and Jack: Picture Recap!

If you got ahold of my iPhone you would be shocked to see how many pictures I take in a month. I have so many great ones that I don't always get to fit into a blog. So I wanted to share my favorite snaps of Jack and Scotty in this blog. They are SO sweet together!
Daddy is trying to get me back into my seat - I"m such a big boy now its pretty tricky!

Crawling on Dad - his glasses always get in the way!

Hello, you. <3 
Go away with that camera Momma. We are busy typing some work emails.
Close up!
Having some giggles on the couch while I let Dad use my pillow.
Love being on Dad's shoulders

This guy is so funny, I have the BEST Daddy!

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  1. Those are the best photos..you are such a great family. Love all of you. Have a great day.when are you coming back to greenwood for a visit....loved having you over for tea.