Monday, 16 April 2012

Running Buddy!

When you make a plan to exercise and fit a workout into your life permanently it's always reccomend you get a buddy that is on the same page as you. They help keep you motivated and make sure you stick to your goals. Well I am very much on someone else's clock 24h a day so trying to accommodate a workout-buddy just felt like too much. I need to be able to go running when Jack is down for a long morning nap and that is sometimes hard to predict. So I just settled on that I would need to be EXTRA motivated and just go it alone.

Such a little ray of sunshine in the morning.

Turns out I had the perfect running buddy all along. She seriously is better than any human and here's why:

Her game face - time to get walking Momma!
Lucy does not understand weather. She could look out the window and see rain and not realize that means if we go for a walk she's going to be soaked for the next few hours and dry into a sizable frizzy poof. (and smell a little!)

Lucy doesn't consider that Momma was awake 4 times last night with a baby who's teeth are bugging him a they grow.

Lucy doesn't accept any excuses. And I like that because a human running buddy would understand my reasoning for not wanting to go out and may even let me off the hook. Not this dog.

This girl just won't quit!

And you say "So what? Just don't go." Well she puts on the pout, sulks, gets into things she shouldn't and every time you stand up or move she runs towards the door. She squeaks and looks at you with that adorable face pleading. Talk about melt your heart.

And then when you're out she runs alongside very obediently until you start to lose your speed. She looks back and puts on a burst of speed. Very encouraging - I mean if this little couch potato can do it then surely so can I!

Snoozy little lady - tuckered out after our morning of running.
This princess loves to snooze on pilows!

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