Monday, 9 April 2012

Picture Recap of our Easter Week

(Just realized on my account this is my 101 blog entry - love it! Mini celebration for me!)

Well as I post this we are heading out the door to drive back to Fredericton with our traveling zoo. Since we will be busy throughout the day with travel excitement I would share a few great shots from the week that I couldn't fit into my blogs. 

Enjoy - I love sharing pictures with everyone and I am so sad when there are shots I can't fit into a themed blog. I may have to do more of this kind of blogs every now and then in the future!

Grandpie and Jack watching Bob The Builder on Chantals HUGE Mac. "Yes We Can!" Obama seriously ripped off Bob here :). 
For the first time we see Jack looking a little bit like a girl in his purple ears haha. 

Vicious little girly easter bunny baby gives Daddy a drooly slap.
Jack enjoying being a little Monkey-Bum in his new jammies from Auntie Chantal
After bath snuggles in his warm towel before his nightly massage!
Jack watching Grandpie play with a balloon.
Jack watching Grammie give him a pedicure - those little toenails are sharp!
Using Chantal's invention to help out parents while their babies learn to walk! No more bent in half sore backs.
Jack at the curling club making goofy faces as I take pics of us! He could see himself on the iPhone and enjoyed being silly.
Daddy and Jack wearing matching outfits - both in grey waffle shirts and jeans.

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  1. A fun filled week for sure.. for all of us. I don't what I am going to do with all my time now that you are all gone... now I might have to do housework.. blech.... I miss you already!