Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My bestest and littlest friend baby Greyson!

We've been visiting Lyndsey and Greyson this week a bundle!

I'm blown away at two things!

Little sweetie Greyson - just had a meal and loving life!

Firstly - how sweet and content little Greyson is. He is a little angel that snoozes comfortably and lets his mama know when he's in need of a diaper change or a meal.

Jack and Greyson hanging out together on the floor!
Secondly - how adorably tiny he is! You would think newborns is something I'm used to - wrong! I find it so hard to remember that Jack was an XL kind of newborn. Greyson is tiny and snuggly right into your arm! He's growing a lot and is already 8lbs! He is very strong and has great head control for such a new baby. Incredible!

(Jack was ready to steamroll Greyson so we had to hold onto him -
being nearly 3 times Greysons weight it wouldn't be good!)
I so love seeing Jack next to Greyson because they're destined to be great little friends! It also reminds me how much he has grown in 5 months and changed from the wiggly little newborn he once was. Being a momma has been amazing - I am so looking forward to seeing these two grow up !

Road runner Jack!

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  1. Love the steamroller statement....too funny. Made me laugh out loud. It was fun having Jack at the curling club tonight and I was glad he was over with Griffin yesterday. He is growing so fast....he will be in St. F.X. before you know it.....