Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Love that Bunny!

Such a smart Easter Bunny!

He knew that since we are choosing a healthier lifestyle a mountain of chocolate was inappropriate for us (but a small pile was acceptable!)

So he brought us a far better treat - Special Edition Keurig!!!

Cannot explain how much we love this machine! Those who have a newborn really understand the importance of a decent cup of coffee... or ten!
With reservoir, 3 sizes and time setting capabilities this machine far outstrips our little original machine we bought shortly after our wedding. Being a coffee maker in our household is a full time job so we have really put that one through the ringer. It's going to spend its retirement at Grammie and Grandpies house as a second string coffee maker.

Absolutely in love with it!

Thankyou Mister Bunny! We enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee this evening while entertaining Jack through his witching hour ( more on that soon! )

So beautiful!


  1. Hi,
    We love our Keurig too. Not as upscale as yours. We have one like Trudy's. I bought the gadget to fill with your own coffee. It defeats the purpose of the Keurig I think. Trudy will take it to you when she comes down. She is also bringing you some Chai tea - Nana's leftovers. I'm not fond of flavoured tea.

    Hope the trip back to Fredericton was uneventful. We were watching the weather down there.
    Nana, Gamp and Jom (who is the boss of the house!)

    1. So glad to hear that you have a Keurig and you love it. I think it is something everyone should have. I can't wait for the tea. We love a good cup of Chai tea. Our trip back was very quiet (Jack slept) and we loved coming home to our new place.

  2. truly smart bunny.... he left me a beautiful basket full of useful items for my garden, my glasses and camping as well as goodies for Terry to polish off too... he truly is a smart bunny! xxoo