Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Knitting much?

Actually, not lately. That is heart breaking to me. I was going strong on my Op Art blanket however I at a stand still as I wait on more yarn to arrive. I naively assumed I ordered the right amount and didn't think to actually do the math. Yeesh.

SO loving how this blanket is turning out!

I will make notes in my Ravelry account for other people attempting the rainbow patterned one. (For those who don't know what Ravelry is - it is a knitting social network filled with free/paid patterns, profiles of fellow knitters, FAQ pages and message boards. Free to join and absolutely an AMAZING resource for all knitters of all levels to connect, share and be inspired!)

I fell in love with this a while ago - time to get knitting :)!

While waiting for yarn I have jumped into making a nice sweater for Jack that is a pull over And great for chilly morning/evenings for spring/summer. It is so soft you can't imagine. The yarn is of course from KnitPicks and is their Comfy Worsted cotton blend. The pattern is for sale here through Patternfish

This sweater is knit in pieces and this is my progress so far on the back. 


  1. I've just picked up my needles again. Its getting closer to winter here. I've been knitting a really basic blanket for our couch. It's coming together really fast on chunky needles. I love yours, super colourful and bright

  2. Beautiful sweater! I have to finish making my multicolored sweater... I'm trying to make my own pattern this time.... We'll see how it goes!
    Definitely trying that one next!