Saturday, 21 April 2012

Kijiji for the Win: Part three!

Item number three that we picked up from Kijiji : The high chair!

Jack sitting with us at breakfast in his highchair for the first time!

We fell in love with a high chair someone posted on Fredericton Kijiji several weeks ago while we were In Greenwood. It was the Peg Perrego tatamia model - top of the line amazing for seriously reduced price!

We contacted the seller to arrange for Gail and Mert to pick it up for us same day. However when Gail and Mert arrived at their house they changed their mind and didn't want to sell. How frustrating for everyone!!!

So we began looking for another one but nothing would compare with the Zonda of High Chairs (I would say "Cadillac of High Chairs" but Pagani is so Much more awesome).

Pagani Zonda

I finally gave up on the dream chair and decided to just get whatever was reasonably priced.

Wasn't I pleased when I went to pick up this baby! It's by a brand name Chicco and I had never heard of it before. I paid $40 for it and definitely got my money's worth. It needed a good cleaning but I did my best and it came out very nicely!

He can be lowered down too ... although I'm not sure why we would do that... interesting feature!
Testing out the tray... yup its on there good! Can't escape!
Folds up nicely to tuck away when we aren't needing the chair.

Jack can have a little nap and relax if he wants to!
I'm going to spend the next couple evenings working on sewing a new cover for his chair that is fabric and can be easily washed by being tossed into the washer. The one that came with it is vinyl and showing its age. Although I love the padding and the pattern I think we'd be better off with a washable one with no creases for crumbs to hide.  See upcoming blogs for progress!

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  1. high chairs sure have changed from when you guys were little. We had to stuff pillows and blankets around to keep a baby sitting in the right position. There were NO harnesses to keep a little one from sliding out the bottom either... Imagine what they will look like in 20 years... well, I can't imagine!