Sunday, 29 April 2012

Jacks new kicks: Oscar the Grouch

Lovable grouchy garbage Oscar! We love him to bits. We saw these little kicks on Room2RememberKidz Facebook page and they stole our hearts!

We went shoe shopping with Nana today after she arrived in Fredericton!

Thats right - real furry brows! We have a great appreciation for big brows haha
So Nana, Jack and I went to Room 2 Remember Kidz and tried on a pair of Oscars and Elmos. Even though Jack Loves Elmo - he picked the Oscars in the end!

Wearing my new kicks in the store!

Thanks Nana we love them to bits! They were a huge hit at our library playgroup.


  1. Adorable... those little brow puppies will give him lots of grip for spider walking, crawling, climbing and jumping in his jumping jack flash machine!

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  3. They are ALMOST as cute as Jack! :o)

  4. So freaking cute! (Jack and Oscar)