Thursday, 5 April 2012

Hurry Hard!

Jack headed to the Greenwood Curling club tonight to visit with everyone and watch some curling! 
We got to visit with lots of friends before the games then settled into a comfy chair and watched the games. He cheered on Grammie and Grandpies team!

Wendy donated her water bottle as a baby toy - Jack slobbered it really good!

Grampie, Hazel, and Mom getting ready for this rock.
Everyone watching Wendy help me try to take some steps! 

Grammie made a great shot and we cheered!

He loved watching the TV screen that shows the house at the other end from above.

By the time we got home the little man was ready for bed!
We loved seeing everyone at the curling club. Jack so loved all the snuggles and cuddles but is a little disappointed he didn't get to ride a rock down the ice.

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