Sunday, 22 April 2012

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

Earth Day - honour your great and awesome world! Celebrate how fantastic our planet is and all the wonderful things we get to enjoy.

Okay without getting too preachy or Treehuggerish and making you uncomfortable I just wanted to put it out there for you to really do one thing to fix up how you're treating the earth. Whether that is lessening your contributions to our landfills or avoiding contaminating our water, get creative and DO something to change your lifestyle. Doing one thing on Earth Day is great, but doing something to change your lifestyle 365 days of the year is really celebrating Earth Day. (And don't say "Ah I'm just one person. What can I do that would make a difference?!" cause I'll smack you. Harsh, but necessary.)

We are celebrating by setting two goals to change our lifestyle. Number one: use less paper towel. We go through it unnecessarily quick because it is convenient. I thought about maybe jut getting some sort of earthy biodegradable stuff and using small pieces. But I think it needs a bigger gesture here. Bring on the rags!

Two big old tshirts ready to move on...

Recycled from some shirts and clothes we were going to donate recently we now have a nice pile of cleaning rags for spills, wiping up things and washing the house in general.

...into 10 beautifully thick large rags! 

Number two : line drying our cloth diapers. We could devote a great deal of time to the argument of cloth vs disposable but I think everyone should choose what works for their family.  We're absolutely LOVING cloth diapers (if you want info on them ever just send me a message!)   I'll just say cloth rocks and you're missing out big time on awesomely cute diaper tooshie.

Look at that sweet little bulky bum - Baby got Back!
By line drying we are using less electricity, harnessing the awesome power of the sun to naturally bleach our diapers and overall extending the life of the diapers to last us.

(I wish I could claim this as my own. Click here for source!)

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