Friday, 13 April 2012

Happy Bellies for Jack

Another gift from my Aunt Gail that she brought from the USA. It was very tricky to find and we are so appreciative! We are so excited to watch Jack experiment with finger foods! HappyBaby is a baby food company not available in Canada (if you find a way - LET ME KNOW!) that makes incredible organic baby food products and believe in clean, pesticide-free eating! They have a book of recipes to make your own in addition to an extensive product line. Check them out here at their official website

Happy bellies puffs and brown rice cereal!
Jack ended our cereal experiment by learning to clamp his mouth shut and swing his head and arms violently during our little sessions. So we have decided to wait until 6 months old to introduce solids since we were early anyway.  It is hard to tell when your baby is ready - but it is just plain obvious when you try and they aren't ready. Since it is recommended to stick with exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months we're going to follow that route as planned.  (Special thanks to my playgroup for the pump up support I needed. I think everyone should have a playgroup to bounce ideas off of!) 

At Easter dinner we had a little fun with Jack - he is VERY interested in pureed foods so that may be our jump off point when we retry at 6 months old. I'm so glad Grammie tried offering him some mashed carrots - he was so eager he nearly fell off her lap!  Enjoy this 10 second clip of him trying to steal Daddy's mashed potatoes off the fork. 

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  1. I am so glad you are waiting for the 6 month anniversary. It will so fun to watch him enjoying his veggies and fruits... with a bit of cereal for breakfast... yum!