Sunday, 22 April 2012

FAMOM Spring/Summer Sale

 In honour of Earth Day I'm posting our adventures in reusing by buying used. We believe in leaving the least amount of baby waste behind (toys, clothes, diapers) in the landfill. By buying items used we're reducing our footprint!

Well we ventured out this morning to the Fredericton Area Moms of Multiples sale. It was so wonderful! Jack was in his Mei Tai and we browsed the super awesomely priced tables of clothes.

Bundle of clothes! I borrowed this pic from their Facebook page - when I got there an hour after it opened there was 1/2 as much! So glad to see so many people attending and shopping.

So much fun browsing! Jack and I had a blast visiting with other moms and shopping for clothes and toys.

Future DJ - love this one!
Cutie tops, bibs, overalls, and sweaters!
We got a whole bunch of sleepers for a dollar each.  Which is perfect because Jack seems to grow out of them the moment we buy them!

I will do a little photoshoot and post when the clothes come out of the wash. 
I've never been so excited to do baby laundry haha. 


  1. I love buying second hand, because you feel so bad when you pay $20 for a sleeper which last literally less than a month on a growing boy! Good Job Mick!

  2. Thanks for the great review! It's nice to hear your shopping experience went well. We know it gets hectic and the line ups are long! Hope you can come again for the fall & winter version! Date will be announced here

    Kelly S