Monday, 16 April 2012

Breaking News!

Two blogs in one day? Well it must be important!

His latest "crawling" pose.

Our little guy has been struggling to crawl and is desperate to do it ASAP.
We went to "Babies in the Library" at the public library on Friday and since then he has been trying some new moves he picked up from some of the other babies during play time. He's been testing these moves with shocking success over the weekend so today we documented his progress.

Unfortunately for Jack he's become a pro at skooching backwards rather than forwards.

(We of course realize that as he gets closer to these milestones he'll be more mobile - but it is very exciting as new parents to see him really moving! So we've decided to just be excited and mourn the loss of our freedom silently haha.)

With a little encouragement and practice he'll be there in no time!

Working on getting those knees under!

Skooch Skooch Creep Creep! Look at me go!


  1. Looks like he is getting ready to do he can do more that you and Scott. Too cute. Miss seeing you.

  2. That's our boy!! Well done Jack - we have missed you down here. You seem to have push ups mastered - won't be long now and you'll really be mobile! Much Love

    Grampie & Nana