Monday, 2 April 2012

Arrived safe and sound in Greenwood!

It was a beautiful sunny day for our trip to Nova Scotia. We are home for a week for Easter. Jack and I will be home all week while Scotty is heading to Toronto to Apple Canada for a few days and heading home in time for Easter.

The trip was good overall. We had a noisey ride home with all the critters and the little screaming traveller. Nothing Scotty and I couldn't drown out with some singing and good tunes. We did sing several choruses of Soft Kitty to help Jack fall asleep and he did sleep for 75% of our travel time.

We stopped in Sackville for lunch and a meal/diaper change for Jack. We departed from our healthy eating and indulged in a delicious McDonalds meal. Yum. (If I ate like I wanted I would still look 8 months pregnant haha)

We arrived here safe and sound a little ahead of Grammie and Grandpie as they were returning from a curling bonspiel in Claire.

Now everyone is settled in and Jack is enjoying snuggles from everyone and just so pleased to be out of his car seat.

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