Monday, 30 April 2012

Cute Critters on our walk today!

On our walk today we headed from the walking bridge towards Marysville for a couple kms and back as its a little breezy today. We enjoyed walking along the Nashwaak river! We saw some lovely houses and one very cute little critter.

Can you spot him?

Of course Jack thoroughly enjoyed his walk with a big nap and big smiles.

Here have our own little cutie critter showing off his newest noise!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Jacks new kicks: Oscar the Grouch

Lovable grouchy garbage Oscar! We love him to bits. We saw these little kicks on Room2RememberKidz Facebook page and they stole our hearts!

We went shoe shopping with Nana today after she arrived in Fredericton!

Thats right - real furry brows! We have a great appreciation for big brows haha
So Nana, Jack and I went to Room 2 Remember Kidz and tried on a pair of Oscars and Elmos. Even though Jack Loves Elmo - he picked the Oscars in the end!

Wearing my new kicks in the store!

Thanks Nana we love them to bits! They were a huge hit at our library playgroup.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Nana Trudy Visits!

Waiting for Nanas plane to land!
We are so excited to have Nana Trudy here with us all the way from Ottawa for a few days!

My Nana Trudy is so funny - she makes me laugh!

Jack enjoying Nanas water bottle!

Playing on my alphabet mat!

Friday, 27 April 2012

The sneaky sitter upper!

News flash - Jack is sitting up!!

This little guy is content working on just crawling, he's also working on sitting. He can sit unassisted but isn't getting into siting by himself yet.

We've been so busy with moving and focusing on Jack crawling that him successfully staying sitting up on his own blew by us! When did this happen?! We're not entirely sure... (How's that for parents of the year haha?!) it wasn't until we were at playgroup last week and some other moms praised his sitting that I realized he didn't need me to hold him up!

He is loving playing with his toys on another level. I can't get over how much older he looks when he sits up!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Calling all Parents : Advice for starting Solids!

Loving my highchair, can't wait to get started on food!
The time is nearly here - Jack is getting ready to turn 6 months old. We are in disbelief that he has grown up so quickly but are very excited for what is to come. While breastfeeding has been a very positive and successful experience for all of us we are really looking forward to starting solids.
Yum Yum Yum - I love eating my feet!
So we would to hear from you about your experiences! What did you feed your little one for their first meal? How did it go? Advice for first time parents who haven't ever fed a baby puréed food is welcomed. We are so excited to get started and would love to hear how things went for you!

Chew Chew Chew...
(If you have trouble commenting on the blog feel free to comment through Facebook!)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Moving Upstairs: Before and After!

Sweet Angel baby watching the ceiling fan while Momma unpacks!

How proud am I of all the progress I made unpacking in 10 hours (and caring for the furries/teething baby)?! Proud enough that I'm willing to post how horrible it looked as we got everything in just for comparison.

Promise that we'll have real pretty nice normal pics up of our place the moment it is presentable.

...After :)!
After! Whew!

Jack and I have been busy busy busy! 
Check back soon for picture of our place.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Scotty and Jack: Picture Recap!

If you got ahold of my iPhone you would be shocked to see how many pictures I take in a month. I have so many great ones that I don't always get to fit into a blog. So I wanted to share my favorite snaps of Jack and Scotty in this blog. They are SO sweet together!
Daddy is trying to get me back into my seat - I"m such a big boy now its pretty tricky!

Crawling on Dad - his glasses always get in the way!

Hello, you. <3 
Go away with that camera Momma. We are busy typing some work emails.
Close up!
Having some giggles on the couch while I let Dad use my pillow.
Love being on Dad's shoulders

This guy is so funny, I have the BEST Daddy!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Babies In The Library

Every Friday for the last few weeks we've gone to a playgroup at the downtown public library called "Babies In The Library". They advertise it as a chance for their youngest patrons to sing, dance, listen to stories and enjoy new little friendships.

I absolutely love this 45 minutes with Jack as we dance sing and tickle. It's a nice way to learn new baby songs to sing. Each week is different and you're given a little song book to read from.

Jack also enjoys interacting with other babies who are in all stages of creeping, crawling, rolling and wiggling. Not to mention there are a million and one fun toys to shake and chew.
After playing at the library this little man needs a power snoozy!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

Earth Day - honour your great and awesome world! Celebrate how fantastic our planet is and all the wonderful things we get to enjoy.

Okay without getting too preachy or Treehuggerish and making you uncomfortable I just wanted to put it out there for you to really do one thing to fix up how you're treating the earth. Whether that is lessening your contributions to our landfills or avoiding contaminating our water, get creative and DO something to change your lifestyle. Doing one thing on Earth Day is great, but doing something to change your lifestyle 365 days of the year is really celebrating Earth Day. (And don't say "Ah I'm just one person. What can I do that would make a difference?!" cause I'll smack you. Harsh, but necessary.)

We are celebrating by setting two goals to change our lifestyle. Number one: use less paper towel. We go through it unnecessarily quick because it is convenient. I thought about maybe jut getting some sort of earthy biodegradable stuff and using small pieces. But I think it needs a bigger gesture here. Bring on the rags!

Two big old tshirts ready to move on...

Recycled from some shirts and clothes we were going to donate recently we now have a nice pile of cleaning rags for spills, wiping up things and washing the house in general.

...into 10 beautifully thick large rags! 

Number two : line drying our cloth diapers. We could devote a great deal of time to the argument of cloth vs disposable but I think everyone should choose what works for their family.  We're absolutely LOVING cloth diapers (if you want info on them ever just send me a message!)   I'll just say cloth rocks and you're missing out big time on awesomely cute diaper tooshie.

Look at that sweet little bulky bum - Baby got Back!
By line drying we are using less electricity, harnessing the awesome power of the sun to naturally bleach our diapers and overall extending the life of the diapers to last us.

(I wish I could claim this as my own. Click here for source!)

FAMOM Spring/Summer Sale

 In honour of Earth Day I'm posting our adventures in reusing by buying used. We believe in leaving the least amount of baby waste behind (toys, clothes, diapers) in the landfill. By buying items used we're reducing our footprint!

Well we ventured out this morning to the Fredericton Area Moms of Multiples sale. It was so wonderful! Jack was in his Mei Tai and we browsed the super awesomely priced tables of clothes.

Bundle of clothes! I borrowed this pic from their Facebook page - when I got there an hour after it opened there was 1/2 as much! So glad to see so many people attending and shopping.

So much fun browsing! Jack and I had a blast visiting with other moms and shopping for clothes and toys.

Future DJ - love this one!
Cutie tops, bibs, overalls, and sweaters!
We got a whole bunch of sleepers for a dollar each.  Which is perfect because Jack seems to grow out of them the moment we buy them!

I will do a little photoshoot and post when the clothes come out of the wash. 
I've never been so excited to do baby laundry haha. 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Kijiji for the Win: Part three!

Item number three that we picked up from Kijiji : The high chair!

Jack sitting with us at breakfast in his highchair for the first time!

We fell in love with a high chair someone posted on Fredericton Kijiji several weeks ago while we were In Greenwood. It was the Peg Perrego tatamia model - top of the line amazing for seriously reduced price!

We contacted the seller to arrange for Gail and Mert to pick it up for us same day. However when Gail and Mert arrived at their house they changed their mind and didn't want to sell. How frustrating for everyone!!!

So we began looking for another one but nothing would compare with the Zonda of High Chairs (I would say "Cadillac of High Chairs" but Pagani is so Much more awesome).

Pagani Zonda

I finally gave up on the dream chair and decided to just get whatever was reasonably priced.

Wasn't I pleased when I went to pick up this baby! It's by a brand name Chicco and I had never heard of it before. I paid $40 for it and definitely got my money's worth. It needed a good cleaning but I did my best and it came out very nicely!

He can be lowered down too ... although I'm not sure why we would do that... interesting feature!
Testing out the tray... yup its on there good! Can't escape!
Folds up nicely to tuck away when we aren't needing the chair.

Jack can have a little nap and relax if he wants to!
I'm going to spend the next couple evenings working on sewing a new cover for his chair that is fabric and can be easily washed by being tossed into the washer. The one that came with it is vinyl and showing its age. Although I love the padding and the pattern I think we'd be better off with a washable one with no creases for crumbs to hide.  See upcoming blogs for progress!