Thursday, 22 March 2012

"You're Doing Okay, Mom." Genius!

Let me preface this with the fact that we are brand new to cable TV. We have been in the "dark ages" of downloading and commercial free for a while now.  So if you have seen this commercial months ago and think I'm crazy for only blogging it now - understand I'm still new to this!

(Click on link to be taken to video)

I would like to share this beautiful piece of advertising. They really know exactly what a new mom needs to hear and hearing it as though it is coming from your baby is genius.

I'm not going to lie I bawled like a baby when this came on - just ask Scott I needed a big hug after this 30 seconds. (It was a happy cry don't' get me wrong!)

In case you decide "Ugh I don't want to watch yet another YouTube video" I'll type out the lines that really got me.

"I know we haven't known each other long, but you seem like a real keeper"

"Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you ... you know right? How much I love you?"

(Oh please I'm tearing up just rewatching it again)

For those who are wondering why this commercial speaks to new moms so much - here is it in a nutshell. Because we constantly focus on "Is everything going ok?" "Does anyone realize how much I do?" and sometimes... "Does this baby even realize I'm his mom and I'm new at this!?"

Sometimes it is just gold to hear some reinforcement that you're doing okay and your baby loves you.

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