Sunday, 18 March 2012

You can plan your day all you want...

... but sometimes things happen you can't predict.

We had big plans to pack up and relocate to 112 Tilley for the day to super clean the house and be ready to leave it behind forever. As we have both places rented for the month of March it allowed us to move without needing to do EVERY detail over one weekend.

Grammie packed up supplies, I changed Jack and got him into his chair. We brought extra diapers, a play mat, bumbo and lots of baby things to keep Jack busy.

No it was not an exploding diaper that stopped us.

No it was not a sick baby that stopped us.

No we did not lose the house key.

No we did not have to stay here because the cat had a seizure.

No we did not realize that cleaning is boring and we should spend our time with Grammie doing fun things (although NOW we realize that).

We had a slight car mishap.  As in it couldn't get up our icy driveway to get to the road. Eep.

It happened so innocently. And it happened right after I said "Isn't it great we have a circular driveway so we don't need to back out onto the road?". Lola the Corolla nearly made it 70% up the slope when the wheels began to spin and the car slid slowly backwards. Before we could get the car angled right to slide down to where it was parked - CRUNCH. Right into a snowbank. And then the car REALLY wouldn't move.

We hopped out and immediately began problem solving. Putting weight on the car, car mat under the wheel, rocking it and of course slamming on the gas in frustration.  20 minutes later we had managed to get the car MORE onto the snowbank and broke the shovel.

With Jack screaming in disgust that the car wasn't gently rocking him to sleep we decided to head into the house.

Oh well our day of cleaning down the drain - we spent the rest of the day perking up the current place and playing with Jack. Much better use of our time anyway!

Watching himself on the iPhone screen!

(And when Scotty got home he managed to shovel out enough space that I could drive it out of the snowbank with him running alongside the drivers door pushing. Super daddy!!)


  1. grrrrr... I was so mad that I got us stuck in the bank.. but at least I didn't damage the car.. stupid ice! I think it was fun to be home emptying boxes, re locating others and making your present home less boxy and more relaxing! It was also funner for Jack, I am sure...

  2. Just for a very quick second, i thought that was a neck brace on Jack....eek!
    Catherine (Thursday group!)