Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Yarn Glorious Yarn

Well the blessed day that my treasured Knit Picks Cotlin yarn come and gone. Moments before our moving truck arrived the speedy Canada Post Parcel truck swung into our driveway and dropped off this box.

I have been waiting for a couple weeks now and I'm eager to get started on my next big project. I am glad that I decided to open it AFTER moving day - I would definitely get sidetracked by this knit blanket and not be much help with the move.

It is called OpArt and the pattern is available for FREE :) you just have to put in the time knitting it and this blanket is available to you through Knitty. The original pattern calls for just two colours, but I saw this version of the blanket on Ravelry by gudnylara and I knew it would be PERFECT for Jack.

This is a little blurb about the design from Knitty's webpage about the OpArt:

"This pattern also appeals to the developmental process of infant vision. Babies are born color blind, and with very poor vision (about 20/400 for a normal infant at birth. They are naturally attracted to high contrast, black and white images, since these are more distinct to them. From a distance of a foot or so, a newborn will be able to distinguish only the larger stripes on the edge of the blanket, with the thinner ones fading away into a solid gray, as the baby matures, the thinner stripes will become distinct. To an adult, however, it’s a fun, funky pattern with an optical illusion of a square tunnel spiraling away."

So naturally of course I am very excited to knit up this blanket during nap time and while watching movies. I will keep you posted on the progress!

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  1. You have got me drooling on the KnitPicks website Michelle! I see an order in the near future coming to my house.. how to decide on what yarn is the problem. This blankie looks really great.... looking forward to the finished product. Tell me.. how does one knit and watch a movie? Auntie Kelly