Monday, 12 March 2012

Working it for the Camera

I absolutely LOVE Nick Kelsh, author of How To Photograph Your Baby, when he was on New Moms New Babies.  He was a guest on their podcast (listen here) and had so much great advice on how to get great photos of your baby. I had to get our camera out and practice.  Sadly Jack was sleeping so I didn't get to test out any of his ideas on Jack right away... fortunately I have lots of furry babies to take snaps of!

Then when the little mister woke up I got a couple gems. I just tried out two really simple suggestions of Nick's - no flash (go for natural light) and take LOTS of photos then be selective. 

Absolutely love this camera - and this little munchkin! 

Here are some really fun camera accessories I'm thinking about DIYing once we get settled. Click on the links to see the sources to make some for yourselves!

For anyone who has photographed a baby - you know how great this would be!
Look great with this strap cover while taking snaps!

Need this pouch so I don't lose the lens cap!

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