Saturday, 10 March 2012

Unpacking for a change of pace

Now that we are done with the packing and moving it is time to do the unpacking. I tell you the fun just never stops.

We had a great first night in the new place. Jack slept very well and the critters spent the night exploring and checking out every little corner. Needless to say they are exhausted today and slept for the majority of the day. I couldn't help but snap some pics of them - so sweet!

The view from the cat scratching post is immaculate! 

Apollo stayed like this all morning - adorable!
We spent this morning and afternoon unpacking the kitchen and living room. The unpacking and getting settled is much nicer than the packing up because we ABSOLUTELY LOVE our new place. The beautiful fixtures combined with the molding and the view it is perfect for us!

Boxes boxes Boxes .. and a snoozy pooch!

Getting there - at least we can appreciate the great cabinets no matter how disorganized it all is!

As we get more unpacked I'll post pictures of the rooms but for now it is hard to get an idea of the place when its filled with boxes. Goal for tomorrow is to get around with the DSLR to get some pictures for everyone to see how wonderful it is here! Thanks for all the well wishes - we enjoy the support and love coming to us as we try to juggle a move, baby and the furies!

We love Star Wars and Snuggles!

But for now it is time to settle into our date family night. Popcorn (a blog about that soon - hilarious!), wine, snuggles and of course Star Wars : Empire Strikes Back.

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