Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Track your outdoor workouts : MapMyFitness

Don't worry - There's an App for that! 

And in this case, there really is.  I've been using MapMyFitness apps since we lived in Dartmouth to track my routes as I jog/walk/run. It is a great way to be sure of the distance, rate of pace and duration.  Recording your workouts gives you a visual representation of your hard work and I think that is a great motivator. It is great to be able to check what your average pace has been so you know where you can improve or if you need to slow down to complete your route without overdoing it.

If you think I was going to post pics of me exercising you're laughing, instead I'll share the views I get while walking in beautiful Fredericton on their amazing walking trails. 
For new moms like me, getting back into the routine of exercising (it is a long and difficult road for sure) I've been told easing into it is best.  Starting with low impact cardio and toning routines such as walking and yoga/pilates will insure you get your strength back to enable you to really get moving safely.  I thoroughly enjoy long dog walks with Lucy and before Jack was in the picture I enjoyed jogging/running too.

We had to get a little creative and do some off-roading with the stroller as the flood waters are eating away my space on the walking path!
I want to get back to that level of fitness where I can enjoy those things but without hurting myself.  Through discussions with my doctor and reading many articles I feel that I have been able to create informed plan to get back into the fitness life I had before Jack.

Snoozing like a boss, this guy really digs the long walks all snuggled up and getting some fresh air. 
Fortunately with a great jogging stroller, a patient pooch (she loathes the jog for a few minute then speed walk sort of pace) and a cooperative baby (he power naps as I power walk) this plan is coming together nicely. I use MapMyDogWalk app to record my pace so I know that I am keeping up with what I need to and my distance to insure I'm getting the right amount of Kms. I also REALLY enjoy the confirmation that I exercised besides the feeling of complete exhaustion haha.

Fortunately for Fredericton this is as high as the water came for this part of spring flooding!
For some really amazing shots of Fredericton flooding in 2008 check out my Aunt Gails photos she's shared from her blog here.
This app has a bundle of great features such as Nutrition where you can record your daily calorie intake, weight, how much water you've drank, and keep a food journal. You can add friends to your app to connect with them and share workouts to utilize the power of a workout buddy. You can even let your friends watch your map live as you are out exercising. By using the GPS capabilities on the iPhone you can track your route exactly and even have a voice inform you when you've done __ amount of Kms (or miles if you prefer). You can share this progress with Facebook or Twitter or privately record it in the app so you can review your history.

One of the really great things about this app is that it also provides you access to a Dogwalking/running/jogging/biking/hiking community that share's their routes and comments on them.
Now in a small town I am sorry you are unlikely to have many people sharing but in a bigger city it is a great resource for someone looking to explore new routes.  Comments like "wonderful views, nice breeze", "paved and great elevation" and "always seems to be a large stray dog hanging around" are really helpful and can let you make an informed decision about your travels.


For a very little price on the App Store (I believe they are $2.99 or free each... I can't check because I've already purchased them haha) you've got a great tool to help you stay motivated and informed about your workouts!

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