Sunday, 4 March 2012

Teeny Weeny Baby Mittens

What is cuter than a teeny weeny baby?

Teeny weeny baby hands in teeny weeny baby mittens!

This is a great little mitten pattern that knits up very quick as there are no thumbs! Excellent for people starting out on knitting and want to make a little baby gift or knit for your own little sweetie. 

I definitely thought mittens were baby-gimmicky because babies really don't need them. Or so I thought. But when I was given a pair of hand knit ones to match his Jackasaurus hat I realized how great they are for keeping his little fingers warm. When he peeks them out of his blanket while we are on the go or walking outside it keeps them toasty warm.  

I found it on Ravelry and have made 3 sets so far. I'm going to tuck some away with matching hats for a few babies I know or babies that may come in the next year or two.  For the pattern check it out here on Christine Vogel's blog Frazzeled Knits. She has a really great blog where she details some of her own awesome knitting projects and a few great free patterns. 

KnitPicks Comfy Worsted

 I knit them up in KnitPicks Comfy Worsted so they are washable and very soft. Also this yarn has no wool in it which can itch little babies sensitive skin.  Absolutely LOVE their yarn, and very affordable with reasonable shipping. I'm currently waiting on a shipment of their Cotlin yarn to make Jack a really awesome floor blanket in rainbow colours. I'll soon blog the free pattern and yarn when it arrives!


  1. Love these mittens Michelle! Remeber the hat and mitts you got in Maine at the Columbia store...Do they fit Jack this year or will he have to wait until next year? I remember how adorable we thought they were at the time.
    You're right! Baby mitts = cute!!

    1. His little hat and mitts from Maine are too big at the moment but I keep checking every few weeks since he is growing so much! They will definitely fit next winter though - they are still just as cute as when I bought them haha - little elmer fudd hat.

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