Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sophie and Jack

These two are not inseparable - yet.

For a little guy who loves to chew on just about anything (fingers, sweatshirt ties, his own hand, bibs..) Sophie has been a life saver. Sometimes a baby just has to chew - especially now that he is exploring his world with his mouth.

I was skeptical of how this little giraffe that has become internationally loved would fit into Jacks world.  Everyone told me that I HAD to have a Sophie - but they didn't really explain to me why.  For those of you who don't have kids yet or haven't heard of Sophie, she is a medium sized squeaky toy made by a French company called Vulli. Sophie is made from chemical free, phthalate free, PVC free, BPA free natural rubber. She is for those reasons the best kind of toy to have your baby or toddler chewing on.

Who knew? Sophie has been around for ages!

Sophie is the softest rubber toy I have ever held.  Her skin feels pretty close to human skin, and so it must feel like to Jack that he's got his own person to chew on. She has little nubs on the top of her head like any real giraffe plus two ears that provide a small and nobbly chewing experience for Jack when he wants it. Sophie's feet and legs are positioned in such a way that she will stand easily on her own. But her legs are also interestingly positioned so that each leg provides a different sort of chewing experience for Jack's little mouth.

She is easy to keep clean (wipe with a wet cloth rather than submerging in water and do not boil) and fits into his hand nicely so he isn't dropping it all too often anyway.

One hazard for us is the squeaker inside alerts our Lucy that there is a toy to play with.  She has been very good to listen to us when we say no and she skulks away eyeing Sophie. Hopefully Lucy will lose interest in Sophie before Jack learns how to squeak it.

And just in case you lose your Sophie they now exist all around the world in every store from baby boutiques to department stores and even at Shoppers Drugmart in the baby section.  While you wouldn't be able to afford an army of Sophie's as she costs just over $20 at most stores, it isn't a bad idea to have a backup or know where to find a replacement.  I hear that once teething hits Sophie is a must have for many households.

Oh and if you wanted to bring another Vulli friend into the home to work tag team with Sophie, there is a trio of cousins - Chan, Pie & Gnon.  They are a play on the french word champignon which means mushroom, and is a reference to their funny mushroom-like figure. I actually got to meet a little one of these at a playgroup I went to recently and they are very soft and sweet. May look into one of these little guys to compliment our menagerie of chewable animals toys for Jack.


  1. I love this blog!! Thomas loves Sophie too! I wouldn't have bought one, but a friend gave her to us and we love it!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I'm so glad to hear Thomas loves his Sophie too. She rocks our socks!