Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sleeping, Napping and some great mom resources!

There are days where Jack has big naps and ones where he has a bundle of little ones. The little nap days he usually spends being fussy and dozy when he isn't sleeping so we both enjoy the big nap days more.  This particular day Jack's morning nap was interrupted by a parcel delivery and so I just made peace with the fact that it would be a little nap kind of day.

One thing we really try to focus on with Jack right now is making sure he gets enough sleep and feedings during the daytime so he gets a full night sleep.  Its sometimes a struggle because he's sometimes more interested at exploring his new world than sleeping. With the right amount of daytime sleep we get to enjoy Jack sleeping for 10+ hours at night consistently.

I know I've mentioned the New Moms New Babies podcast before but I wanted to include a link to this particularly great podcast you can listen to online. I totally recommend this to new moms, because it is SO comforting to hear what other moms are going through, and they have excellent advice. In this podcast they all share on sleeping routines and they have Davis Erhler speak about her 3 Day Sleep Solution.

Thankfully Jack's afternoon nap really stretched out and I was able to get a great deal of things finished up. Which left me extra time to try out taking pics with our DSLR camera. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, Jack is getting speedier and so we need a camera that can keep up with him.  In tomorrow's blog I'll share my pics and a great blogger who dishes on how to photograph your baby.

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  1. I love sleeping pictures... they instantly calm a person when you look at them... Jack looks perfect... and I notice he is looking more and more like his dad.. as he grows....