Friday, 16 March 2012

The "Op Art Blanket" Knitting Progress

Thank goodness for Grammies!!

Jack playing on a digital "baby piano" and loving it!
We are so glad Grammie gets a spring break so she could come up and visit us. Not only is it wonderful to have her see our new home in person, and to play with Jack - but now I can really dig into my knitting because she is the "Jack Wrangler".

I cannot tell you how many days I thought about this pattern and this blanket, carefully selecting the right blend of materials to make the perfect summer blanket. Then to not be able to spend more than a few minutes knitting at a time is just a tease! Between unpacking things, cleaning, personal grooming (I do have to shower sometime LOL) I was running out of time to do anything with this blanket. If I kept up the rate of progress I had done in the last week Jack would be 15 before I had it completed.

It looks more like a hat at the moment because I'm knitting it on a circular set of needles.
Dont' worry - once I block the piece it will look FABULOUS
I'm finally getting into the part of the pattern where it is much more "bulk knits" and I can mindlessly whiz through that while chatting and taking in some TV (Big Bang Theory, Top Gear and a new show to us Modern Family).

I LOVE that there are some definitive stripes now and I'm on the second round of colours. While I have made my own booboos already - I think that a few mistakes makes it unique.

Or at least that's what I'm telling myself because I will not go back and rip that out. I've come TOO far! (Besides Spring Break doesn't last forever!)

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