Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Move: Part Two

Today was moving day part one.  Jack, Scott and I headed over this morning on the first run with supplies for Jack and a packed lunch.  I set up the living room while Scott headed back with the seats folded flat to bring over our boxes. 

Our porch and patio doors out our living room.

Jack and I spent the morning/afternoon at our new Homestead. It is very new and clean inside.  It was so enjoyable to be there for a few hours and imagine how it will feel to live there very soon. Unfortunately we aren't staying on this level permanently, just until the upstairs unit is available beginning of May. This means of course most of our things are staying in boxes and we aren't fully unpacking things to keep the next move upstairs simple.

Our front entry

Our entry way and mud room - come in and enjoy!
There wasn't a great deal of cleaning to do as the previous tenants didn't spend a great deal of time here.
We enjoyed the cable and wireless internet by Facetiming with Grammie and Grandpie, then we snuggled and watched some great cartoons.

Jack is enjoying his yellow camping chair!

Picnic time! Our first meal at the Homestead. 

After some light cleaning and a picnic with our camping chairs, I ran around and grabbed some shots of the place to share with everyone.

So sorry, this blog will be a bit heavy on the pictures.

The fun little ensuite sink. Behind the door is the toilet and shower stall. 

Our living room as viewed from the kitchen. To the extreme left is a peek at the mudroom/front entry.

Fun decorative mirror in bathroom- check!
We adore the place - and it will feel much more homey when it is filled with our own things. I will certainly post more pics as we fill it up.

Daddy was a superhero today and we've got all of our boxes things brought over to the Homestead. Tomorrow is going to be a day of packing up more essential items and getting ready for Friday for our final move in day!

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  1. I love it all... can't wait to see it in person...