Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Move: Part One

Today we begin our move - part one.  There are a couple parts to the move which I will explain later. Stretching our the moving process is not ideal for our situation (new baby, barky dog, epileptic cat and .. Sirius ) but surprisingly everyone is handling it well so far.

Thats box would be marked heavy - thats 35lbs of cat!

As many of you know Scott, Jack and I are currently in the middle of a move. With all the children's toys and boxes I feel like we live in a warehouse for some huge toystore.

Another play on his name - Jack in a Box.

We have flip flopped all year deciding whether we should move/buy or not when our lease ran up end of March. Renting is not our first choice but the past summer after meeting with a financial consultant we decided to continue to save for another little while so we could have a more sizeable down payment for our "forever home" (or at least home for a while haha). While we do not enjoy the idea of our $$ disappearing each month never to be seen again by us, we are enjoying watching our savings grow and enjoy educating ourselves on what is available as far as real-estate. Thanks to Pinterest we have built a dream home in our minds that would cost millions to own (a conversation that comes up weekly as we add a new awesome things to the imaginary home).

However after we returned home in January from being in NS for an extended visit and realized our building was changing hands we decided to look around for a new place to live.  Fortunately an amazing place came onto our radar and we are getting possession of it today.

It is a large home on a private road with a big wooded property. There are two floors, each with their own entrances and yards and ground level doors (I know, figure that one out). The house is almost brand new and has many of the features we hope to have in our dream home some day.

 Without boring you with the million details of how it came to be, we are moving into this place in three stages.

Stage one :  Bright (thanks to all the snow and sunshine) and early this morning Scotty began bringing our things over. Using our Honda Fit (best car in the world for us at the moment as it Fits everything we need and more) and borrowing a truck to move over all small items in the next week to the ground level of this house.

Stage two: Hired movers are coming March 9th to move our big things to the ground level of the new place. From that point on we will move into the Homestead permanently and only return to our old place to move the last few things, change our mail, and clean.

Stage Three: At the end of April we are moving to the main level of the house which will be our final location.

We are extremely excited to move, but wonder if maybe we are a little crazy to do this all...

Jack working his "crazy moving face" for the camera!

Oh well, a little crazy is good for everyone.


  1. Mick....I am soooo enjoying your blogs. Keep them coming and the recipes as well, can't wait to try out the chicken brushetta one!!!!


  2. So glad to see you're following my blog! Definitely try the bruschetta it is so simple and filled with amazing flavour!