Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Mommy Hook

What can I say? He loves ladybugs too!

Jack and I went out to do some shopping together for household items such as coffee, shower caddy, organization bins, baby socks (WHERE DO THEY GO?! It is alarming how many baby socks go missing...) and slippers for Scotty and I.

The Mommy Hook in action 
While out shopping I was finally able to try out my "Mommy Hook" that Grammie and Grandpie bought us for shopping trips. I must say it seemed gimmicky - but it is entirely worth it! Toting bags around the mall or department stores is awkward and piling it on top of your baby in the stroller doesn't exactly earn you "mom of the year" points.

We saw this originally at Zellers in Greenwood I believe when I was home in January shopping with Grammie and Grandpie. Grandpie was whizzing around the store with the BOB and even though there were three of us shopping - we looked hilarious with armloads of things trying to push the stroller. We didn't buy the "Mom Hook" then, but they went back for it after our shopping experience.

If you head out in your stroller often and find yourself without enough space to store your shopping, The Mommy Hook is a must for you!

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  1. Hey - he's finally getting hair!! What a cute guy

    Love you Jack

    Grampie Mark